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CTA Board Meeting Dates

     The dates for Clarksville Tennis Association board meetings in 2020 have been set.  Meetings are planned to be held every two months at the Clarksville public library, beginning at 6 PM.  The meeting dates are:
              January 6
              March 9 (Changed from March 2)
              May 14 (Changed from May 4)
              July 13 (Changed from July 6) 
              September 16 (Changed from September 14 & will be done online)
              November 11 (Changed from November 2 & will meet online)
     All CTA board meetings are open to any CTA member, and the board would welcome your participation.  The more input we can get, the better we can plan tennis events that would be enjoyed by everyone.  We will be holding our annual officer and board member elections in the spring.  It would be great to have more to volunteer to serve on the board.  Please consider serving if you have never served or if it has been a while since you served.
     Because the meeting dates shown above may change, if you are interested in coming to a board meeting, or if you would be willing to serve on the board, contact Kathy Littleton (931 320-6776).