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Stringer's Corner

   Stringer's Corner

All those who play tennis frequently will eventually need to put new strings in their rackets.  This page will help you find local racket stringers.  If you string rackets in the Clarksville area and would like to be listed here, send your information to  

Local Stringers

Ken Adams
Phone:  (931)320-9540
     I am USRSA Certified as a "Racquet M Technician," which means I string, inspect and insure the playability of the racket.  When the racket is strung by manufacturer's recommendations on ties and cuts, it plays better.  I have recently purchased a professional series stringing machine to insure accurate stringing.  I carry a variety of top-quality strings.  
(Posted September 2020)

Kurt Kujawa
556 Iddlewood Drive
Phone:  931 624-2180
(Posted September 2020)

Ed Dickson  
(Posted September 2020)