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     Are you wanting to get on the court to play tennis, but you don't have a hitting partner? If so, email me at, with the information shown below.  I will post it to the list.  Others can check this page also, so we can help you get "connected" for tennis.

Name (Full name or first name only)
Age or Age Group (Junior, Adult, or Senior Player)
Skill Level (NTRP if known, otherwise Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced)
Address (or section of the city)
Preferred Courts (if any)
Day Available to Play (Can be a specific date or days of the week that you want to hit)
Time Available to Play (Either show a specific time, time range such as "noon to 3 PM," or general time period such as "mornings" or "evenings".)
Contact Information (Your e-mail address and/or phone number)
Comments (If appropriate for explanation or clarification purposes)

Note:  Each listing will be shown here for one year, but may be renewed or deleted at your request.  Please keep your information current as needed.  

Female Players Looking for Partners

Name:  Sara Cabrera
Age or Age Group:  35
Skill Level: Intermediate
Address:  I live in a neighborhood off of Trenton Road
Preferred Courts:  
Day Available to Play:  Weekends in the mornings or early evenings when it's cooler right now.  Or weeknights after 6
Time Available to Play:  Mentioned in above answer
Contact Information:
Comments:  Moved here in June and haven't played Tennis since June.  We were in Honduras and I was playing 4 days a week.  Miss it a lot.
(Posted September 2019)

Name: Jessica Lancaster
Age or Age Group: 33
Skill Level: 3.5
Address : Clarksville
Preferred Courts :
Day Available to Play : fairly open
Time Available to Play :fairly open
Contact Information : or (808) 987-1362
Purpose: just moved to Clarksville from Hawaii. I love to play league and am a 3.5 player. Wanting to find a new place or people to hit with. And join league play. 
(Posted April 2018)

Name Anyssa
Age or Age Group  Young Adult
Skill Level  Beginner/ Intermediate
Address  North Clarksville
Preferred Courts (if any)
Day Available to Play  Any day
Time Available to Play  6 p.m. - sunset (M-F) Anytime (Sat - Sun)
Contact Information
Comments I played tennis a lot in high school and college, but have been out of it since leaving school. I want to play to stay fit and active. 
(Posted September 2018)

Name Debbie Bradley
Age or Age Group:  Adult
Skill Level:  3.0 - 3.5
Preferred Courts  Any; Prefer outdoor courts
Day Available to Play:  weekdays, mornings after nine, some early evenings, some weekends... just depends
Time Available to Play:
Contact Information:, (931) 216-8350
(Renewed July 2019)

Name:  Sophia
Age or Age Group:  Adult
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Address:  North Clarksville
Preferred Courts:  N/A
Day Available to Play:  Weekdays and weekends
Time Available to Play:  After 5 PM on weekdays; varied times on weekends
Contact Information:  
Comments:  N/A
(Renewed July 2019)

Male Players Looking for Partners 

Name:  Andrew Kim
Age:  Adult
Skill Level:  Intermediate to Advanced
Contact Information:  Phone: (630) 200-2770 
(Posted January 2021)

Name: Billy Randolph 
Age: Adult (27)
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate 
Location: Rossview Road 
Preferred Courts: Swan Lake
Availability to play: Monday - Friday (6:30 AM - 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM) and Saturday (8:30 AM - 11:00 AM)
Contact Information: 301-378-4494 (text), or
Comments: I played tennis in high school, but have not played consistently in several years. With consistent practice, I believe I would be at the intermediate level. 
(Posted April 2020)

Name Craig Harrington 
Age or Age Group  Adult
Skill Level  4.0
Address Clarksville
Preferred Courts  Swan Lake or APSU
Day Available to Play Any day 
Time Available to Play Anytime outdoors prior to dusk
Contact Information  email: ph: (931)206-8966
Comments Primarily interested in hitting and drills, I have both tennis ball throwing and stringing machines.
(Posted February 2020)

Name John Mullen
Age or Age Group  Adult Age 52
Skill Level : Intermediate never been rated
Address Fort Campbell
Preferred Courts  Fort Campbell’s are terrible can come to any location
Day Available to Play  Evenings(weekdays) weekends
Time Available to Play 6pm and later, anytime
Contact Information
Comments looking to hit and get back in shape!
(Posted July 2019)

Name : Andrea Kim
Age : Adult
Skill level : 4.0 - 4.5
Address :  Clarksville
Preferred courts : APSU or swan lake
Preferred play style : Doubles (man or mixed)
Latest concern : Practice and exercise for better skill
Day available to play : Weekday after 5pm , Sat/Sun after 1pm
Contact information : 931-249-8910 (
(Posted June 2019)

Name:  Tim Wilson
Age:  25
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Address:  Rossview
Day Available to Play:  Weekday evenings, any time on Saturdays, Sunday afternoons
Contact Information:, Phone - (615) 604-5138   
Comments:  I played competitively in high school and the first year of college.  It's been over 6 years since I've played much at all and I'm looking to get back out there and shake the rust off.
(Posted March 2019)

Name: Kenneth W. Merriweather
Age or Age Group: Adult (Late 20s)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advance
Address: North Clarksville
Preferred Courts: ASPU or Swan Lake
Day Available to Play: Any day
Time Available to Play: Monday - Friday anytime before 7:30am or after 5:30pm. Saturday & Sunday anytime with prior notice.
Contact Information: 931-338-8444
(Do not forget the letter "w" between my first and last name.)
(Renewed July 2019)

Name Matt Dewey
Age or Age Group 49
Skill Level Intermediate
Address South Clarksville/Sango
Preferred Courts Swan Lake, or any convenient court
Day Available to Play Tuesday, Friday or Saturday
Time Available to Play  Morning thru early evening
Contact Information
Comments used to play at a high intermediate level, haven’t played but once or twice in last few years. Looking to play regularly again.
(Renewed March 2019)

Name:  John W. Hale
Age: Adult 51
Skill level: Beginner/intermediate
Address: 2190 Memorial Drive Ashford Place Apts
Preferred court: Ashford Place Apartments or any court you want to play on
Times Available: Saturdays after 1pm and Sundays at anytime. Weekdays after 6pm.
Contact Info:  Phone: 931-436-5197
(Updated July 2019)